9 Resume tips you can use to ace for an interview

Posted in Resume Writing Tips on Aug 07, 2017

Ever wonder why your job application always get rejected? One of the main reason your resume is "overlooked" because the content of the resume itself.

Let's check out which aspect people often miss out on their resume.

Resume Tip 1: A formal passport photograph

A picture brings first impression about the person. This is excluded the model-look photography unless your are applying for modelling job.

Resume Tip 2: Resume Design

The design of your resume is a big matter. The design should be nice, neat, easy to read and not too long (Resume in essay forms is definetly a NO-NO). For the font, black color is sufficient for easy viewer.

Resume Tip 3: Age

Do not be afraid to disclose your age. We can still be young at heart no matter how old we are:)

Resume Tip 4: Education Details

You should give details about education background.

Resume Tip 5: Employment details

Details regarding employment such as employment period, salary, position, company names and reason of leaving company should be mention. Don't left out part timer experiences as even not much they still can help to higlight what kind of job experiences you do attain.

Resume Tip 6: Emphasize on skills and strength

Skills such as PC, softwares, or languages(foreigner) can be added as advantages.

Resume Tip 7: A cover letter

The purpose of cover letter is to be an introduction of yourself to hiring company. On the cover letter you can add value of yourself (you show that you are the best candidate for the company).

Resume Tip 8: A referer

A good referees is absolutely not your friends/parents/family members. Lectures or previous employer is the best referess.

Resume Tip 9: Avoid unnessary information on resume.

Informations regarding your family/parents backgrounds, hobby, too much highlighted performances e.g school/university performances, activities.

Examples of mistakes on resume:


image credit:http://dchaven.com/image/58083/bad-resume-examples.jpg

Example of good resume:


image credit:http://www.designbolts.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Premium-Resume-Template-In-Ai-EPS-Format-01.jpg

Here you go, 9 resume writing tips you can use to ace for an interview.

Thank you for reading this article, do share this out to those who you think will benefit.


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