5 Essential Skills Seekers Freelance Recruiter Should Have

Posted in Seekers on Aug 10, 2017

Most often, Seekers freelance recruiter finds it difficult to refer a candidate and get rewarded successfully. Besides the competitive nature itself in the recruitment industry, one of the most crucial reason is due to the lack of quality of applicants. Malaysian talents tend to focus on the salary instead of their capability when applying jobs. In fact, referring a job to the best candidate is not as tough as it may seem to be. Here are some guidelines for Seekers freelance recruiters to boost up the possibilities of getting rewarded.

Seekers Freelance Recruiter Skill 1: Understands the job requirements.

Successful Seekers freelance recruiter will always go through job requirements before referring to their friends who need jobs. Likewise, Seekers freelance recruiter should listen and communicate with friends to understand more about their needs, field of expertise, educational background and working experiences.

Seekers Freelance Recruiter Skill 2: Finding and Placing the Best Talent

Seekers freelance recruiter need to be passionate about what they do. Finding someone that is most suitable and matching them with the perfect company, is the ultimate goal. Only the best talent will be hired successfully and only then you will be rewarded. Thus, do not waste time presenting weak candidates.

Seekers Freelance Recruiter Skill 3: Leverages Technology to Maximize Candidate Quality

Social recruiting has become the new norm as more and more people use these platforms to engage, network, and look for employment. As a Seekers freelance recruiter, one must be competent in using social media. Social media such as Linkedin are useful to find best active candidates. Sharing jobs in related Facebook groups will increase the chances of getting the most suitable candidate for jobs.

Seekers Freelance Recruiter Skill 4: Relationship building skills

Seekers freelance recruiter works in the “people business” and deals with a variety of different. Having great relationship building skills with all people involved in the process is essential. It will allow you to build trust and attract job seekers more easily. Once you gained their trust, you will build good relationship with them. If they are happy with the job you were able to find for them, they will recommend you to their friends and family too, should they ever need a job in the future.

Seekers Freelance Recruiter Skill 5: Speed

Companies and job seekers don’t just rely on one source for filling their positions or finding a job but multiple sources. Who acts quickly will therefore win in the end. The worst that can happen is that in the last minute a company might tell you that they already found a candidate or the candidate already found a job in another organisation.

Everything is possible. Nothing is easy. Patience is the key.

Persistence can overcome almost any challenge. When you put your mind to something and are willing to do everything it takes, including patience, putting in time and hardwork to get there, you’ll ultimately know the power of determination.


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