The 2 Types of Modern Recruitment Methods You Should Know

Posted in Recruitment on Jul 25, 2017

Welcome to Seekers First Blog Post! Selamat Datang!

First and foremost, we are thankful for the continued support shown by the SEEKERS FREELANCE RECRUITERS who has use Seekers to help source for good quality candidates following strictly and matching closely to the job description and job requirements, not to forget our beloved job applicants who has taken time of to use Seekers to find their dream job, and also fellow hiring company who has given us the permission and absolute trust to post jobs on Seekers.

As you all know Seekers is a social recruitment referral program created specially for freelance recruiters to refer suitable and good quality candidate to bridge the gap between the hiring company and the job applicants.

For each successful candidate referred via Seekers Recruiters referral program that joins the hiring company, Seekers Freelance Recruiters will enjoy up to 24% commission (based on the candidate first month salary referred by the recruiter). Today we have put together 2 practial and simple recruitment methods for you to use.

1st Modern Recruitment Method: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting your website on search engine like Google with a variety of queries or keywords. In order to use this method, you must have your own website or career page to do SEO.

Here's 8 tested and proven steps to rank a website on Google:

  1. Keywords Research - SEO is all about understanding what words people are searching.

  2. Title tag: 50 - 60 character (Optimal Length),
    example: primary Keywords | Secondary | Brand Name

  3. Meta Descriptions - Around 135 - 160 characters.
    Summary of your website shown in the search engine.

  4. Heading 1, 2, 3 is to make your webpage content easy to read.

  5. Content - Make sure you have good quality content which bring value to the person who reads it.

  6. Call to Action (Apply Now, Learn More here, Read More here).

  7. Internal Linking - To Lead People to make an action after visiting your website.

  8. Get Relevant and related external website to Link to you. Google will see as you are resourceful, many people want to link to you as source because you have great value to provide.

2nd Modern Recruitment Method: Social Media Marketing

1. Facebook Groups,
2. Facebook Page,
3. Facebook Comment

Be as specific as posible, make sure before posting a job on Facebook, you know the job description, job requirement and job responsibility well.
When you post, please write clear and accurate information like for example

'Only those with at leasts 5 years of Digital Marketing experience will be shortlisted for an interview',

Promote benefits of the working at the hiring company, share fun, interesting images, or video to attract people to view your post. When someone leave a comment on your facebook page or facebook account, you can use the tag function to reply.
It is your ultimate responsibility to check with the candidate to see whether they have the correct skillsets or the passion for the right job.

Last but not least, Do not SPAM.

Here you go. 2 types of modern recruitment method to help you get good quality candidate.

What recruitment methods do you use? Leave us a comment.

Now you know the 2 types of modern recruitment methods, use it now by refering the best candidate on Seekers.

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Thank you for reading, do share this out to those who you think will benefit.


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