Food consultant

■About company
Our Cooking Studio is a place where people come to learn to cook, including baking breads and cakes.
Unlike other cooking schools, ABC Cooking Studio offers a more casual and friendly environment where people can have fun while learning how to cook delicious and sophisticated food.

6 features of Our Cooking Studio

-There are 134 studios currently operating in Japan, and as a member, you are can take classes at any studio of your choice
-The classes are done in small groups, ensuring you maximum support from the teachers
-Lessons are held multiple times a day and you can easily reserve the classes through your computer or cell phone
-You can register for classes based on the menu and/or teacher of your liking
-Our original recipe sheets are very easy to understand and can be used for extra support
-You can review the recipes that you made online, allowing you to recreate your favorite dishes

In Malayisia, we mainly include "Halal menu" into menus we teach to students and our first studion in Malaysia will be started out from end of Novemer 2016 at Pavilion.

·Industry:Cooking studio industry
·Position:Food consultant
·Probation:3 months
·Monthly Salary: RM3,000
·Location: Pavilion shopping center
·Working hours :Based on 8 hours shift operation per day(A shift 9:30am-18:30pm or B shift 13:30pm-22:30pm)
·Working days:6 days based on shift operation per week
·Holiday :1 day based on shift operation
·Type of employment:Full time

·Have class and teach to students as food consultant(teacher)
·Suggest good learing plan to customer based their weekly situation
·Bring good/friendly service customer and manage sales
·Hygiene management of foods
·Arranging food ordering for class

·Both of Gender(Preferable female)
·Age is from 25 -max 40 years old
·Fluent speaking: English Malay.Speaking Japanese will be advantaged
·Not necessary similar experience because company provide training to employees
·Like cooking,sharing recipe and teaching cooking to peoples

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