Japanese speaking Purchasing executive

■About company

Founded by  in 1875 established what was to eventually become Our Corporation in Kyoto, Japan with the manufacturing of physical and chemical instruments.

In 1877,we conducted Japan’s first manned balloon flight. In 1896, only a few months after Dr. Roentgen’s discovery of X-rays, Genzo Jr. and Professor Muraoka of Kyoto University succeeded in taking the first X-ray images in Japan. In 1909, We developed Japans first medical X-ray apparatus.

With the pioneering spirit of our founders, We continued to make global contributions with the development of a large number of innovative products, including photoelectric spectrophotometers, gas chromatographs and the world’s first X-ray TV Systems.

Our Corporation has established  Malaysia brunch, an indirectly-owned subsidiary, as Malaysia has shown remarkable economic growth in recent years and is projected to continue growing for the future.

Abbreviated below as SML, which has established in 2014 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of us (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd, abbreviated below as SAP . Consequently, SAP’s Malaysia branch office, which has established in 2000 for direct sales of medical equipment, will be merged with analytical and measuring instruments and integrated into the new subsidiary. We has earned a strong reputation in Malaysia for the quality and extensive service of us X-ray systems. We now intends to strengthen efforts to sell more high-end Angiography systems and develop the clinic market.

Previously, analytical and measuring instruments sales in Malaysia were conducted through Our local distributors. However, SML will now provide direct sales service capabilities. We will continue to rely on the expertise of local distributors for sales of testing machine and non-destructive inspection systems.


·Industry:Manufacturing industry

·Position:Japanese speaking Purchasing executive

·Probation:6 months

·Monthly Salary: RM2,500-RM3,500 (Based on experiences/skills)

·Location:71950 Siliau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

·Working hours:8:15~17:30 (12:30~13:15 Lunch)(But only Friday,13:00~14:30 Lunch)

·Holiday:Saturday and Sunday

·Type of employment:Full time

·Company Benefits:EPF / SOCSO,otherwise further discussion


·Control production line and purchacing materials.

·Observe progress of production line and manage purchasing plan with following progress of line.

·Why needs to be Japanese speaker because most of Suppliers are Japanese and it from Japan,So if you join, mostly needs to speak in Japanese.


·Able to speak in Japanese(More than daily conversation level)

·Having working experience as similar positions(Min 1 year)

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