Floor staff


·Industry:Food & Beverage

·Position:Floor Staff

·Probation:6 months

·Monthly Salary: RM1,500-RM4,500(Based on experiences)

(2 times raise in salary every year)

·Bonus: 2 times per year

·Location:Bander Utama or Solaris or Bukit Bintang(will discuss at the interview.)

·Working hours:10:00 - 23:00 (8 hours based on shift)

·Operation hours:

 Lunch time:11:00-15:00

 Dinner time:17:00-23:00

·Holiday:Once per week, PH 11days a year(replaced or buying)

·Type of employment:Full time

·Annual Leave: 14 days

·Company Benefits: EPF / SOCSO / meal (2times per day) / Accommodation / Medical / Transportation / Attendance


·Cooperate with managers.

·Provide high-quality services and maintain good relationship with customer.


·Interested in Food & Beverage industry.

■Prefer requirements

·Having work experience in any restaurants.

·Having floor staff's experience in restaurant more than 2 years, and keep to work same restaurant more than 2 years.

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