Floor Staff

  Floor Staff Job Description

  • Industry: 
    Food & Beverage

  • Position:
    Floor Staff

  • Probation: 
    6 months

  • Monthly Salary: 
    RM1,500 - RM4,500 (Based on experiences) (Increment: Up to 2 times a year)

  • Bonus: 
    2 times per year

  • Location: 
    Bandar Utama or Solaris or Bukit Bintang (will discuss at the interview.)

  • Working hours:
    10:00 - 23:00 (8 hours based on shift)

  • Operation hours: 
    Lunch time: 11:00-15:00 Dinner time: 17:00-23:00

  • Holiday: 
    Once per week, Public Holiday - 11 days a year (replaced or buying)

  • Type of employment: 
    Full time

  • Annual Leave: 
    14 days

  • Company Benefits: 
    EPF / SOCSO / meal (2 times a day) / Accommodation / Medical / Transportation / Attendance

  Floor Staff Job Responsibilities

  • The floor staff will be working closely with Team managers.

  • The main responsibility of the floor staff is to provide good-quality customer services and maintain good relationship with customer.

  Floor Staff Job Requirements

  • The floor staff must great passion in Food & Beverage industry especially Japanese sushi.

  • The floor staff must have work experience in any restaurants.

  • The floor staff must have at least more than 2 years working experience in any Japanese Restaurant. 

Take Note:
Only Candidates that meets the job requirements and qualification will be shortlisted for interview.

Expat and Foreigners that apply for this job will be rejected directly.

Position only for Malaysian Citizen. 

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