5 work culture ethic in Japanese Company

Posted in Seekers on Sep 29, 2017

You are starting a new job in Japanese company but do not know what to expect, here's where we will learn about the 5 important work culture ethic in a Japanese company.

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This is important for not only to Japanese company but also to other non Japanese company. If you work in a Japanese company and your manager you are reporting to is a Japanese, they will be very particular in using this style.

New staff learn this initially and make it a habit to apply it on the client and superior.

Should there be any problem arise, Japanese follow this style, which is a systematic method to sharing situation real-time.

This is one of the strength of Japanese company.


Japanese is very particular in meeting deadline.

If you promise to complete the task given, you have to keep the promise even if it is not completed yet.

Which is more important is it deadline or quality of the work?

Deadline is the most important thing you are expected follow strictly both internally and externally (when you are dealing with client).

Thank you very much and so sorry

This is unique culture in a Japanese company. Saying "thank you very much and "so sorry".

Whenever you work in a Japanese company, it is important practise this two greetings often.


Good Morning - when you reach the office.

See you tomorrow - when you leave the office.

Japanese is very particular in greeting.

A simple greeting to your colleague good morning, or see you tomorrow, will give them a good impression.


Honesty is extremely important. If you can't complete the job or task given, it is important to be honest to your superior, rather than them finding out later that you are unable to complete it because you lack the clarity and ability.

Here you go 5 simple work culture ethic to follow when working in a Japanese company.


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