How Ahmad Rizal made his first RM670 on Seekers

Posted in Success Story on Dec 11, 2017

Today we have with us Ahmad Rizal Ahmad Azhar a full time trader by profession share with us how he manage to refer the right candidate to Seekers successfully.

How did you hear about Seekers?

A very close friend of mine was laid off from his company, so I wanted to help him out. I was browsing thru the net, looking for a part-time job, and when I did a search, it lead me to Seekers.

What was your first impression of Seekers?

To me, what Seekers offers was the thing that i was looking for. You work when you want to, and help others get their dream job.

What were challenges you face when using Seekers?

The challenges was to match the right person to the right job. Sometime, you have to set a certain standard for the people you bring in.

What did you do to get a successful referral.

Always filter first your candidates before sending them for the said post. And when you do filtering, you can match seekers requirement, to your candidate easily.

What advice would you give to future freelance recruiter?

My advice to future freelance recruiter, is to never give up. There is always a job out there for the right person, and its up to us to get that person there.

What is your motivation quote?

Know your candidate, learn a little about them. They might surprise you with what they know.

Congratulations once again Ahmad Rizal for making your first RM670 on Seekers. Thank you for sharing your success story with us.

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