Challenges in workplace: A guide in managing challenges at the workplace

Posted in Human Resource on Sep 21, 2017

1. Superior- worker relationship

Superior and workers relationship not just based on rules and regulation of the company. As a win-win situation, employer and employess should have same understanding and same vision to have more productivity. A good company should maintain relationship with worker so that workers has more enthusiasm and able to keep good productivity and at the same time set a executable rules and regulations for the employees to follow.

2. Interactions and relationship with other employees

Every person in a company is composed as one unit community with high-daily interaction. Workers in Malaysia are mix-well in the diversity of races, religions, genders, citizenships and age-gaps,and much more in the different kinds of individual's personality traits. A dispute among co-worker can occurs rapidly, but a consultation from superior, training on managing work stress or an open table with dispute party can solves the matters smoothly. Thus, we just have to learns the differences and respect each co-workers and try build good relationships with them.

3.Motivating and productivity: Balancing life-work

“All work and no plays makes Jack a dull boy” is proverbs o shows that we don't have to just working and not enjoying our life. A good worker is a worker that have balance in their life-work. A person really need a thing/hobby/ that can makes they feel relieved after long day working hours as to avoid overload stress. As a concern, workers that did not enjoying their work-life often feels stress-depression which will sooner or later, making them feels like changing to other jobs to get better salary payment as workers want to compesate for times that they have been spending on that job. In order to keep up with this challenges, as an option company may organize activitiese or increase benefits such as allowances, career advancement or training leadearships for workers to boost workers's motivation and productivity.

4. KPI based job

When your work is tight with an KPI target, your plan, desicions will affect most of your working method and your enthusiasm towards the job. The important thing is you should do is set your mind to do planning-change directions if first plans does not work, work smart and hard at the same time and consult superior time by time to achieve your KPI target. Take KPI target as challenges not burden/stressful order as KPI target can actually makes you develop new skills, critical thingking and m increases your productivity.


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