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Posted in Success Story on Aug 04, 2017

Today we have a special guest Seekers Freelance Recruiter to share with us about how she manage to refer a candidate via Seekers successfully.

She is none other than Apple Hong, a customer service specialist by profession currently working for M&M ARC SDN BHD established company providing service office and corporate service in KL Sentral. She is the first recruiter that successfully refer a candidate via Seekers.

How did you come across Seekers?

I came across Seekers through Facebook.

I like the idea about the freelance recruiter referral program, where freelance recruiter get to earn up to 24% commission when their friend they refer via Seekers get their first month salary.

The convenience is it can be done all online and the flexibility is I can work full time as a Customer Service Specialist and at the same time i have the flexibility after work to help my friends look for job. Putting a side the commission, i think it is a good way to help my friends on career development, finding something they like.

When did you started using Seekers as a freelance recruiter?

I registered as Seekers Freelance Recruiter last year in July, I thought, why not just give it a try, any commission that I earn will be use for extra pocket money for rainy day.

So I just went on to to register as a freelance recruiter. No agent fee, no middle involve, it was totally free to register.

Tell me how did you manage to successfully refer candidate via Seekers?

It was through a mutual friend introduction that i got to succesfully refer candidate via Seekers. I told my friend that I was a freelance recruiter, that i can help them get a job via Seekers, so happen my friend’s friend was looking for a job, so i did not hesitate to assist her in job hunting.

What i did was first to discover what my friend’s friend was interested at, next what were her strength and skill, whether it matches with the job requirement section in the job description page, after that i shared with her the details of the job description to make sure she is clear of the job requirement and job responsibility, before applying for it.

The candidate that i refer then went through 2 stages of interview, 1st interview was from Seekers screening team, 2nd interview was from the hiring company.

The commission was paid out exactly 1 month after my friend’s friend join the hiring company. From talking to my friend to getting my commission, it took about 3 month plus.

What were the recruitment methods you use?

I took effort and initiative to understand the concept of Seekers Recruitment process. Besides getting candidate to apply through the link I share, it is extremely important for me to know whether my candidate qualify for the job, even if my candidate qualify for the job, i need to evaluate constructively on whether he has any issue or any concern or any attitude discrepency that will hinder him from getting the job.

I listed down the factors that will get my candidate a job like, the correct range of expected salary, notice period, skills whether does it require technical skill, or soft skill, or any specific requirement for education qualification. Even after pre qualifying my candidate, i gave them a few days to read through the job description page to ensure that my candidate knows 100% what they are applying for.

It is important to work along side with Seekers team as the process was long, strict follow up process was the key contributing factor help me earn my first commission with Seekers.

Can you give a few tips for future freelance recruiter?

You network is your networth. Get to know more people and expand your network, get to know people from different industry talk to them. People will not care how much you know but know how much you care.

Don’t just share out via Social Media, talk to people and get to know them personally, ask them lots of question before sharing them the job description.

What is your motivation quote?

I strongly hold on to this value, in chinese it goes like this:

"如果自己都不去相信自己的能力, 那么,最大的对手,其实就是自己."

It simply means, You are your biggest competitor when you do not believe and have faith in your own strength and potential.

Thank you Apple Hong for sharing with us your success story, we are delighted to honor successful recruiter that manage to refer candidate via Seekers.

Register as a Seekers Freelance Recruiter here. Refer and Start earning now.

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