Fresh Graduate Guide: Top Essential Skills in the Workplace

Posted in Fresh Graduates on Oct 12, 2017

Fresh graduates often having dilemma when they joined the working environment as they are not sure on how to handle the job and adapted to the working environment. So what is the "top essential skills that fresh graduates should have in the workplace"?

Check out the top essential skills below:


Working environment is very diverse and you will have to handle lots of people with different type of personality.

Thus as a "vital skills", you should be able to send out your message to the audience and at same time listening to others.

To get a strong communication skills, what you can do is:

a. Talks to different types of people from young age to older generations.

b. Joins conversation or social groups to get a better social impression on communicating with different type of people.


A problem solver will takes logical and analytical approach and seek alternatives guidance to solves any problem.

To be a problem solver will takes time but a person can practices to be problem solver by:

a. Look from different angles to solve the core problem.

b. Seek guidance from seniors as they have more related experiences and you can learns from them as well.


A workers motivation is the most vital aspect for employer to define either the workers is "fit enough" to do the work or even work at the company.

As working-life may be hard, rough and full of challenges, you need to stay positive and overcome the challenges and stay motivated.

To keep motivated and be a positive person you can:

a. If find the work is hard to handle, refer your seniors and ask for a guidance.

b. Don't keep things to yourself if you cannot handle the tasks.

c. Be positive is a set of mind that can be build by “ takes event that happened as obstacles that you must handle not as a problem that will haunts you forever”.


A working environment will be harsh and makes you feel very stressful especially if you still new in the working environment .

However, this ability can be develop during employment period.

For the fresh graduates, to attain this skills, you must:

a. Keep calm during crisis time and not becoming too overwhelmed or stressed.

b. You can also try find out “what is your expertise/skills” and what is your“lacking skills” as the reason of worker unable to work under pressure is due to this reason.


As a worker in a company means you will have to communicate and have a team -work to achieve the goals and business objectives.

Thus, a team- player worker should:

a. Takes and shares responsibility together.

b. Manage and building positive working relationship with other workers.


Organization skills means a workers has ability in working efficiently, productively, and good in managing time.

To attain this skills, you can:

a. Prioritize which works should be done first, classify your work according to date line.

b. Stop pending your work too much or else you will missed the due date.

c. To have a good time management, you can separate your time daily before going to work and clarify which task is important.

For examples “by hook or crook has to finish by today", “ ad hoc job to do”, “not so important task” , “important task but according to deadlines” .


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