How to get 10 referrals on Facebook for Free - Recruiters must read!

Posted in Seekers on Nov 28, 2017

Where to start? How to begin?

How to get 10 referrals through Facebook Message?

Chat with 10 people a day!

Let say 1 month has 30 days, you will have chat with 300 people. And assume 3% are interested, you have 10 job referrals in your mypage.

How to find 10 people a day?

Step 1: Identify the job you wish to promote.

If you are a sales manager for an event management company, you know what it is like in the events sales industry. Hence identify the job opportunities in Seekers you are confident to promote and share.

Step 2: Study the job requirements and job responsibilities carefully. (This is the most crucial step). Please make sure you follow this step.

  • Write down the required criteria and desired criteria.
  • From the required criteria and desired criteria, you will be able to identify your primary target referrals and your secondary target referrals.

Step 3: Write down your Primary and Secondary Refferrals Specificationa and requirements

Be as specific as possible.

Your requirements and specifications of your primary referrals and secondary referrals will help you identify the correct person to talk to.


Primary Target Referral:

  • People with N1 and N2 JLPT qualifications:
  • Fresh Graduates who major in Japanese Language or from the mass communications industry.
  • Have 1 - 2 years doing translation work.
  • Age: 25 - 30 years old.

Example: Secondary Target Referral

  • People with N1 and N2 JLPT Qualifications

  • Those who are already workig with Japanese company who are good at conversing in Japanese language.

  • People in the sales industry, publishing company who use Japanese language as the main communication language.

  • Age: 30 - 35 years old.

There is consistency and focus when you have the definite clarity who you wish to speak to.

Step 4: Identify list of Questions to qualify your referrals.


  • Do you have N1 or N2 Qualifications. (compulsory questions).

  • What are you currently doing in your company.(This question is to identify the activities your primary target referrals.)

  • Do you use Japanese Language to speak with your clients or customer?

  • In XXX company, have you done any translation work or interpreter work before?

  • How do you feel working in the this industry?

Now after identifying list of questions, begin by using facebook to search for the potential primary target referral and secondary referral.

Step 5: Search Using Keywords on Facebook.

  • Keywords base on activities like n1, N2, JLPT, Japanese language, Japanese translation.

  • Look at what your friends are posting on their facebook.

  • Look at activities related to Japanese language or translations, or N1 or N2.

  • Approach them by chatting with them in genuine manner.

How to chat with 10 people a day?

Step 6: Chat with them.

  • Do not send them Job Description without asking them for permission.

  • Begin by greeting them, Identify common interest, and chat with them for a while before going into the next question.

  • Ask whether they are looking for career opportunities.

  • If yes proceed to ask the next question.

  • If no proceed to the next person. (Just tell them what you are doing currently in Seekers) so that they won't be suspicious of your motive. Thank them for replying.

  • Only send them the job description if they meet all requirements or if they ask for it.

The goal here is to help them pass through Screening by Seekers and help them get an interview with the hiring company.

Be patient! Consistent and focus is key. Focus on the good 1.

  • You can divide your chat session to 5 in the morning and 5 at night.

Remember Facebook is not a place to spam.

Facebook is a place to connect.

Facebook is a place to build relationship.

Let us begin now. Chat with 10 people a day!

Test it out! Let us know how many referral by using this method.

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