How Much Do Freelance Recruiters Make on Seekers?

Posted in Seekers on Feb 28, 2018

Today we will address a common question, "How much do freelance recruiters make on Seekers?"

We will also learn about their advice to future freelance recruiters on how to refer the right candidate.

How much do freelance recruiter make on Seekers?

Shamsul Saiman - RM4000

"Keep posting and searching potential candidate everyday, by reply the comments in fb or linkedin. Do not stay silent, otherwise the candidates not interested to know you"

Awang Mohammad Khalid - RM2040

"Some of them may not know how to applying the job so who knows they're your one of your successful candidate? So help them till they got the job"

Yusuf Karim - RM2040

"Highlight the requirement of the jobs that we share – experience, qualification etc. Make sure the candidates know that they are the one for the jobs.

Let them update their resume to suit the needs. Seekers Team will support them to get the job but our task is to ensure the candidates know the job is looking for them."

Najla Yusuf - RM910

"Don’t give up, maybe we can be the biggest platform in Malaysia."

Ahmad Rizal - RM670

"My advice to future freelance recruiter, is to never give up. There is always a job out there for the right person, and its up to us to get that person there."

Siti Maisharah- RM430

"Share job vacancies to at least 100 referrals, never give up and once you suceed and getting your first referral fee, the feeling of satisfaction of all the hard work and happiness will show on your face."

Apple Hoong: RM720

"如果自己都不去相信自己的能力, 那么,最大的对手,其实就是自己."

"You are your biggest competitor when you do not believe and have faith in your own strength and potential."

Fellow freelance recruiters, never give up, keep on trying until you are successful.

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