Jobseekers: Mistakes to avoid on job hunting

Posted in Recruitment on Nov 10, 2017

Job Hunting is too challenging as you need to spend much time and energy in searching job.

But be careful as you will just do "pointless aim" during your job hunting.

Thus, as a Jobseekers you must have some skills and avoid doing these "mistakes" during the job hunt.

So what is the "mistakes" that you should take note?

1.Resume must be customized, updated especially the skills and experience part to demonstrate your exact capability and skills

As resume is the mirror that can reflected yourself about what is your passion, career path, experiences and skills.

Don't belitte the hiring company by sending them messy resume. Main reason is if resume is too messy, not updated, no clarificaton on skills, company will neglect your application as it seems candidate has no vital skills that suits the position.

Or worse, they might misunderstood your skills if it not really clearly mention on resume.

During the screening interview you should clearly mention your exact skills and experiences.

2. Went job hunting without even knowing your own value market and objective

This a big mistake that you should avoid because in the end you will just apply for any job opening in any field without even consider what you are looking for in career or even either you fit the job or not.

Some might ends up getting rejected all over by company because of mismatch experience and skills.

Thus, the jobseekers must brand yourself and know your own value market so that hiring company able to "notice" your presence and you will be able to negotiate effectively as well for salary part.

3. Looking only for "Job Opening"

Job hunting will be more efficicent if we use the best method to find job as some company is disclosing details about job opening.

But if the jobseekers want to nailed a good job, they actually can search the company webpage or use LINKEDIN as searching tools and find hidden vacancies lies ahead.

Thus, in order to nailed more goods jobs, jobseekers must shift the "Job opening" to "opportunity" keywords.

4. Failed to research on industries, new jobs, and companies in your living area

For candidate that does not wish to move to get a job, there are still chances to job hunt for vacancies nearby your area.

What you can do is make a timeline and distance perimeter within which area is convinient for you to commute to workplace.

As nowadays technology is more advance, we can do our research online and get through all available resources.

5. Not Preparing Enough for Job Interviews

Never " just go with the flow" as Interview session is very important to secure the job. You must prepare including study for the company profile, what is the position, the skills needed for the position on the interview day.

Thank you for reading, do share this out to those who you think will benefit.


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