Good News! New Incentive for All Seekers Freelance Recruiters

Posted in Seekers on Dec 07, 2017

Today we are excited and delighted to announce a new incentive to all our loyal and supportive Seekers freelance recruiters.

We deeply acknowledge and appreciate the responsibilities of Seekers freelance recruiters in making sure their referral attends the interview.

The 2 Great exciting news for all Seekers Freelance Recruiters are:

1. Earn RM30 when your referral attends the (1st) First interview with the hiring company.


2. Withdraw when you have RM150 commission in your total earned status.

Total Earned RM150.JPG

Make your first RM150 on Seekers now.


Help make sure 5 different referral attends the first job interview with the hiring company and you will earn RM150.

Refer 5 most suitable candidate and Earn RM150 when all of them attend the first interview the hiring company


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