God Love People who Work Hard: Siti Maisharah Success story

Posted in Success Story on Dec 11, 2017

Today we have with us Siti Maisharah an Admin Specialist in a famous shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur sharing with us her success story as a freelance recruiter who manage to help her referral get a new job.

How did you know about Seekers?

I found Seekers through Google when I was searching for a place where I could work from home and earn extra income online.

What comes to your mind when you think of Seekers?

I like Seekers because i am able to enjoy the flexibility of working anytime, anywhere where all i need is just my laptop and internet.

I do not need to pay any upfront fee to join their referral program, the best part is i get paid for helping my referral get their job through Seekers.

I have done many freelance job online and I find Seekers to be the easiest way and user friendly freelance job referral portal to earn extra income.

What is one thing you like about Seekers compare to other job portal?

The best of part of Seekers is the candidate pool feature where i am aware of my candidate details and demographics when they are under KIV status. I am able to reuse my candidates to refer them to Seekers again without requesting their resume again.

Can you share with us the challenges of using Seekers and how did you manage to refer the most suitable candidate to Seekers.

Initially the candidates that i refer to Seekers were rejected because it was not suitable for the job.

With the guidance and support of Seekers Team, I manage to refer good quality candidates to Seekers.

In order to get good quality candidates to Seekers.

I have the following channels to get job seekers to apply through my referral link.

  • 1 Facebook Page
  • 4 Whatsapp group
  • 6 Telegram Group

Making sure that your candidate meets the job requirement is important too because every candidate that I refer will be screen through by Seekers before shortlisting them for an interview with the hiring company.

As commission is paid out 1 month after my referral joins the hiring company, making sure my referral attends the interview is also another crucial part.

What's your advice for future freelance recruiters?

Share job vacancies to at least 100 referrals, never give up and once you suceed and getting your first referral fee, the feeling of satisfaction of all the hard work and happiness will show on your face.

What's your motivation quote and what do you enjoy doing on your free time?

I hold on closely to "God love people who work hard."

On my free time, i love travelling with my family and friends.

Will you recommend Seekers to your friends?

Yes I will definitely recommend my friends to join Seekers Job Referral Program.

In fact, if you are now looking to earn extra income, do join Seekers Malaysia Job Referral Program.

If you love what Siti Maisharah is doing and want to give a try on Seekers, register a free account here.

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