Working in a Japanese Company - Good or Bad?

Posted in Seekers on Nov 24, 2017

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Today's article is written by Onishi.

Today, I interviewed 3 Japanese who work in Malaysia about good part of working at Japanese company and not so good part of working in a Japanese company.

In future, if you are thinking of changing jobs at a Japanese company, I'd appreciate it if you can refer to this article.

You will learn about the following:

  • What are various matter to take note when joining a company.
  • How foreign company and Japanese company review performane?
  • The good and the bad of working in a Japanese company.

Mr. D, age: 40s: Working experience for 12 years

Ms.K age: 30s: Working experience for Japanese company 5 years

Ms. F age: 20's: Working experience for Japanese company 3 years

What are various matter to take note when working in a Japanese company?

Mr. D shares:

  • First of all, common Japanese people are basically strict on time.
  • In addition, Attire are also strict depending on the person.
  • About working style, of course quality of job is important but I think the most important thing is to make it on time according to deadline set. Sometime I can't meet the deadline set.
  • Japanese company prefers people who works at same company for long time. Actually, this culture is changing little by little in Japan.

    How Foreign Company and Japanese company look at evaluate performance?

Ms.K shares:

  • I have both working experience in Japanese company and foreign company and there are many different points as I experience.
  • Foreign company evaluate performance base on result.
  • No matter how much effort you put in, evaluation is based on the end result.
  • Japanese company evaluate a person's performance base on result as well as the attitude towards work.
  • Even if the result is useless, there are cases where you can see how committed it is to the result.

The good and Bad of working in Japanese company.

Ms. F shares

  • Actually I had no experience working in Japan and I have been working in Asia for a long time, so in that sense my Japanese sense may be thin.
  • The Japanese company way of thinking has two aspects, good and bad.
  • Japanese company prefer to evaluate process on working style, rather than the result.
  • One of the Japanese unique culture is that they will assume you to work for them for a long-term.

From the 3 interview above, we learn the following:

  • It is important that when you promise to do it according to schedule, you deliver on time.
  • Attire is important.
  • Processist principles trumps result.
  • Preferable long-term employment

How do you feel about the above?

Of course, these cultures have also changed in recent times.

Have you worked in a Japanese company before?

What do you feel about working in a Japanese company?

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