How Yusuf Karim make RM2040 on Seekers

Posted in Success Story on Feb 06, 2018

People often ask us this question.

  • Can I really make money through Seekers?

  • How much will I be able to make through Seekers?

  • Will I earn cash reward after my candidate joins the hiring company?

  • Is there any freelance recruiter that manage to successfully refer Candidate through Seekers?

Today let us hear from one of our freelance recruiter Yusuf Karim who manage to make his RM2040 on Seekers.

Tell me a little about yourself and where you’re from?

My name is Yusuf Bin Abd Karim. 35 years old. Living in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. Currently working as Production Manager.

What was your first impression about Seekers?

I found Seekers through FB advertisement. At first I only interested in finding new jobs but Seekers provide more opportunities.

Even though the jobs offered may not for you, through Seekers, you can make money by offering the jobs to other people. It is an interesting part-time opportunities for me. I can do it anytime and anywhere without any dateline. Seekers also provide easy-to-use job referral portal to support their freelancer.

How did you make your first RM2000 on Seekers?

Most of the candidates that I referred were rejected. Some have KIV status but none got accepted. So I decided to experience the flow myself when finally I found a job that is suitable for me.

I apply through my account (Seeker portal) and with the guidance and support from Seekers Team, I managed to get the job that I applied. Not only is that, Seekers also rewarding me with the incentive because I manage to get the job.

It’s truly a double joy with Seekers. You get your dream job and your incentive as a freelancer.

What are your advice to future freelance recruiter?

Highlight the requirement of the jobs that we share – experience, qualification etc. Make sure the candidates know that they are the one for the jobs.

Let them update their resume to suit the needs. Seekers Team will support them to get the job but our task is to ensure the candidates know the job is looking for them.

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