Congratulations June Seekers Freelance Recruiter Weekend Referral Bonus Winners

Successful rewards
Successful reward: RM 20 - RM 100

June Seekers Freelance Recruiter Weekend

Recruiters that refer the most referral on Saturday and Sunday wins up to RM100.

What will you get:

  • Earn up to RM100 referral cash bonus by referring the most number of referrals on Saturday and Sunday.

Campaign Duration:

  • Campaign Starts:
    8 June 2018

Top 20 Winners will be selected.

  • Top 20 recruiters that refer the most number of candidates on Saturday and Sunday will be selected as winners by Seekers and the winners list will be announced on every Tuesday 6pm. 
  • Cash bonus will be credited to your Seekers My Page account. 

Terms and Condition:

  1. The June Seekers Freelance Recruiters Weekend Referral Bonus campaign is only valid for Seekers Freelance Recruiter who refer candidates on Saturday and Sunday.
  2. Your referral is define by your referrer id. Every registered Seekers Freelance Recruiter will have their own 4 digit referrer id.
  3. Seekers team will compile and calculate the number of referrals referred by recruiters by Saturday and Sunday.
  4. On every Tuesday 6pm, we will announce the top 20 winners, the referral cash bonus will be directly credited to my page, under total earn status at Wednesday 6pm.

Congratulations to the top 20 recruiter who brought in the most number of referrals on the weekend.

1st Prize: (RM100)

Referrer ID: 

  1. 1197

2nd Prize: (RM50)

Referrer ID

  1. 1346

List of Winners Win RM30 Referral Cash Bonus

Referrer ID: 

  1. 3758
  2. 3854
  3. 138
  4. 156
  5. 216
  6. 452
  7. 1344
  8. 1387
  9. 1486
  10. 1521
  11. 2670
  12. 2645
  13. 2558
  14. 2607
  15. 2578
  16. 2499
  17. 2204
  18. 2063

In order to keep Seekers Freelance Recruiters profile private and confidential, we are announcing the winners according to their referrer id. 

Cash bonus will be credited to your Seekers MY Page account by 13 June 2018, 6pm. Once again, congratulations and thank you for your referrals. 


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