Payroll cum Admin Executive

Successful rewards
Successful reward: RM 600 - RM 1,080


  • Industry: Admin/human resources
  • Position: Junior executive
  • Monthly Salary: RM 2,500 - RM 4,500
  • Bonus: Once a year
  • Allowances: Epf/ socso, transportation (max rm300), medical
  • Probation Period: 3 months
  • Working Hour: 9 am - 6pm
  • Holidays: Sat, Sun, PH + 3 hours weekly flex annual leave
  • Job Location: Menara Allianz Sentral, KL Sentral
  • Type of Employment: Permanent


  • Age: 23 - 29
  • Gender: No preference
  • Language: English, Malay
  • Academic Background: At least a Bachelor Degree in any field or above
  • Working Experience: Proven experience with EXPRESS PAYROLL system for 6 months

Hard Skill/Qualification

Sub Requirements 

  • Experience in Book-keeping
  • Experience in JTK Reporting

Soft Skill/Attitude
  • Detail Oriented
  • Productive
  • Organized

*This position is open for Malaysian citizen only.


Job Description

  • Payroll (Using a system, EXPRESS PAYROLL)
  • Help to create JTK Report (Recruitment Report)
  • Perform Public Bank Transactions
  • Observe financial transactions
  • Issue Invoices

Sub Description

  • Book-keeping (if you have some experiences)

About Company

A Brand New Way of Recruitment

Seekers is a recruitment agency/plat-former started from 2016. 

You may know, but we just came up with more unique way to hunt a job, recruit candidates, and making a society better from human resources.

This is the abstract Image:

Then, here is the details (we call as "Optimization". Hope you smart understand how good it is for society!) 

What should you perform?

We, Seekers is now more than 10 people inside, and more than 5,000 outside (= freelance recruiters).

Payroll is the most important, but also we need to report about recruitment situation to government, so need you to do it.

Also, transactions are happened almost every day from this December since we update whole of the system, so we want you to observe.

But most importantly, we want you to enjoy the work and private, then want you to come up with awesome creative & productive idea.

You can contribute from any aspects, and you can feel the joy to live your life.

Welcome to Seekers if you think you are qualified!


If your CV does not match the BOLD requirements, your application will be rejected. Please update your resume accordingly and apply.


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